A Rebecca Noff piece is handcrafted with some of the world's most precious gemstones and metals and as such must be handled with care. In order to maintain the appearance as well as extend the life of your jewelry, we recommend following the guidelines and precautions.

Wearing your precious jewelry

Your Rebecca Noff jewelry is precious and as such impact or friction can damage it.
  • A diamond is durable however, another diamond can scratch it and it can break on impact. Diamonds set on prongs can also fall off on impact. Please avoid impact of friction as much as possible. 
  • We recommend removing your precious jewel (especially rings) when undertaking chores such as cleaning and/or gardening as sustained contact with detergents and other household chemicals can damage your jewelry
  • We recommend avoiding creams, perfumes, perfume oils and soaps. Constant contact with these will ensure dirts and particles get logged in your precious jewelry, particularly pavé set diamonds and this will ensure your jewelry looks dull and may tarnish it over time. 
  • We recommend that you consider taking off your precious jewelry if you engage in rigorous sporting activities that can cause friction that will scratch precious metals and gemstones
  • Consider avoiding prolonged exposure to direct heat on precious gemstones.

Cleaning your precious jewelry: 

  • We recommend using our Rebecca Noff branded jewelry cleaning cloth before storing it away to hen you wash your hands, apply perfume or use a cream and this is good for everyday wear. 
  • If dust, particles and soap residue get lodged in your precious stones, we recommend dipping your jewelry in our Rebecca Noff cleaning solution and after two minutes, gently brush the piece using the soft brush provided and rinse with lukewarm water 
  • Finally, we recommend that you get your precious jewelry professionally cleaned with us every 6 - 9 months depending on the frequency of wear. 

Storing your precious jewelry

  • We recommend that your precious Rebecca Noff jewelry should be kept in it's case or soft pouch when it is not being worn.
  • Placing your precious jewelry among other jewelry could potentially scratch it especially if it has precious gemstones.
  • hen it isn’t being worn, your jewelry should be kept in its Rebecca Noff jewelry case or wrapped in a soft pouch to protect it from impact or scratches. Precious jewelry can be scratched when it comes into contact with other jewelry.
  • Please store chains and bracelets in pouches preferably and ensure the catch to prevent it from tangling.  


All our pieces are made with care to ensure you can enjoy them for a long period of time. We however expect wear and tear from long term use and so we offer repair services for our jewelry such as maintenance, resizing, cleaning and replacement of stones.

Please kindly complete our contact form to submit a repair request.

If you have further questions, please contact our jewelry specialists to assist you.