Founded in 2013 by jeweler, designer & diamond grader, Ronke, we have delivered unique custom fine jewelry to various clients that transcend time.

Every piece of jewelry we make is carefully handcrafted out of wax, casted and then brought to life with exceptional gemstones and diamonds. Our team of very skilled craftsmen individually handcraft each piece to perfection with age-old bench techniques that ensure precision.



   Ronke Nedd, Founder

Born in Lagos, Nigeria, Ronke’s multi-faceted education and career took her to the world of information technology, investment banking and business aviation. After over 15 years honing her skills in the corporate world, Ronke entered the jewelry industry in 2007, making vibrant pieces out of precious stones that quickly gained attention. She went on to earn a Diploma as a Bench Jeweler after over 500+ hours at the bench under the tutelage of one of the most prolific Master Jewelers in New York. She later earned a Certificate in Stone Setting and a Graduate Diamonds Diploma from Gemological Institute of America, the world's foremost authority on diamonds.

Armed with that, Ronke set out to make the sort of jewelry that's elegant yet stands out, complementing the woman's personal style rather than define it.

Ronke is based in Toronto, Canada where she designs all her pieces. Her curiosity for nature, architecture and travel serve as a major source of inspiration for her designs.


The #RNWoman is guided by her innate sense of style, self-assuredness and avant-garde approach to individuality. Independent and confident, she has a unique outlook on life.

That nature’s many precious gifts can be interpreted into jewelry remains one of my greatest inspirations.

Her style is timeless yet eclectic and multifaceted. The #RNWoman is anything but ostentatious, yet never goes unnoticed. She lives loudly, boldly and embraces all her imperfections just like the gemstones she rocks.